Friday, April 6, 2012

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Test Time!

Walk in any classroom in my building and you'll see something similar: posters and alphabet lines completely covered, desks in neat, little rows, computers completely unplugged from the wall. Children stare in wonder..."This looks really different! Mrs. Kilgo, do you have to even cover up our class rules? Surely they don't think we could cheat off them?" Unfortunately, I do have to. It's ridiculous of course, but everything that has print or numbers must be covered up.(Notice my book baskets are turned backwards). Even the kiddos desks have to be emptied. *Sigh*

While I was doing all of this, I thought I'd share a tip that might help someone out there. Instead of spending hours pulling posters down, then putting them up again, or using lots of paper to cover each item, I decided a few years ago to go green and use old sheets! It is *so* much easier than the "old" way of preparing the room. 

They're very easy to hang, and even easier to pull down when testing is over. All of my bulletin boards remain intact! Simply cut a small hole near the edge of your sheet. Then put a paperclip in the hole. Hang the sheet by slipping the paperclip under the ceiling tile. You're done!


  1. I wonder if my county would allow this? Excellent idea!

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

  2. Terrific idea! But wow how sad! How does this affect the childrens' ability to think and/or handle the tests that are thrown at them?


  3. Definitely sad, Patrick. They were so glad to have our classroom back when tests were over.



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