Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It: Library Labels

Finally! I've finished a Monday Made It project. Last summer I went crazy making things all summer long, but this year I've been so busy I'm just now getting to sit and be creative and crafty. My first order of business was to revamp my classroom library labels. I was getting pretty tired of the different colored baskets (green: nonfiction, red: chapter book series, etc...) Plus the red baskets really clashed with the pink cabinetry in my room. Please don't tell me I'm the only one that would be bothered by red baskets and pink cabinets together! I had two options: replace my red baskets with another color or swap out my colored baskets with the white ones in my attic and replace the labels. I decided to go with new labels to match my polka dot theme. And here you have the result:

My library sections will still be color coded, but since the labels are similar there will be a more cohesive look to the library. I plan to use green for informational, pink for chapter book genres, blue for chapter book series, purple for authors, and orange for picture book genres.

I started placing matching stickers on the backs of books many years ago so the students could easily return books to the correct baskets, so of course, I had to make new ones to match my new labels! I print them on Avery 1563 shipping labels. Two book labels print on each shipping label, so I just cut a straight line down the middle of the labels, then stick them on the backs of my books.

I included 120 labels, plus sheets of book labels that match all 120 basket labels. I've also included editable files in each color. If you're interested, you can find them in my store by clicking here

I also decided to make a file of simply blank labels while I was at it:
Find it here.

Want to see some other great projects? Check out Tara's awesome linky:


  1. Hi Farrah! Found you through the linky :) I love your idea of using the black background to bring a cohesive feel to the library, while still keeping things functional! Thanks for the great idea!!

    Little Miss Primary

  2. I love color coding just about everything. Thank you for sharing these cute labels.


  3. These are SO cute and colorful!! I haven't decided how I'm going to organize my library this year. Maybe by theme. First I've got to scan all of them into booksource-good grief that's going to take me days! :)


  4. I am trying to download these, but the hosting site has been down for several days.

  5. Thanks, everyone! VinDeeLoo, try this link:




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