Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Conquered Computer Cable Chaos!

Finally! I've found a simple, cheap solution for all of those messy computer cables. This took me a really long time, but I'm proud of the finished product:

Step 1: Shut down the computers, untangle the cords, and label them. I used used some labels I made with our school logo on them and got for free on VistaPrint:
Step 2: Use twist ties or velcro to bind cords together. Some of them I had to double back on themselves because they were too long.
Step 3: (The genius part I wish I could take credit for but read it online somewhere...?): Use foam pipe insulation to cover the mess!

I didn't think to take a before picture, but trust me---the change is remarkable! I used the same trick for the computer at my desk, and it is so nice to NOT see the tangle of cords all the time.

1 comment:

  1. Cool! I also do that, I put name tag on every cable that I connect to be easy recognize by anyone who want to fixed it too. You can do it too.

    Racks and UPS Australia



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