Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adventures in Story Time

Well, today's read aloud brought about an interesting event. It's Story Time: Kids are quiet. They're riveted on the story. We're on the hunt for Hugo Purple Turban right there along with the Hardy Boys, and we think we just might catch him. That's when it happened. Right in the middle of a sentence was a word I had to admit I'd never seen, heard, or even had a clue as to how to BEGIN to pronounce. I just had to stop and say, "I don't have a CLUE about this word!" What was this word that had me stopping mid-sentence and scrambling for the on-line dictionary?
Of course we read the definition and listened to the pronunciation multiple times. None of us had ever heard of it before! And as we talk and laugh about this word for a few minutes before getting back to the story, that's when it hits me---I'm sooooo glad I carved out a time in our already packed schedule for a read-aloud. What a teachable moment! The vocabulary learning was completely authentic, spontaneous, and memorable.

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