Sunday, January 6, 2013

Books I Want to Read Reading Roundup Linky

It's no secret that I am a major book lover. I come from a long line of readers, and read constantly...blogs, e-magazines, twitter feeds, professional articles, and of course, books! So when I saw that Mary, over at Pinter's Potpourri started this awesome reading linky, I knew I had to get on board! What a great way to share books and get some ideas.

Here's my To-Read list:

Professional Book:
I love to teach grammar, and I loved learning it as a child, but I get so frustrated when my students will "learn" a concept in grammar, but not apply it in their writing. I just don't get it. I hold them accountable and that seems to help, but this year only ONE child could come up with anything when I asked them what they knew about nouns (see my post about that here). I'm hoping this book will help.

Pleasure Reading:
A Memory of Light
The last book in my favorite fantasy series, The Wheel of Time, is coming out in just two days! I love to read fantasies, especially the really far-out ones. They're just about the only stories that I can lose myself in. Reading a fantasy is one of the few times when "school" is turned off in my brain. I've read through this series about 4 times and am still not tired of it. The plot and characters are so complex that rereading is a pleasure!

Book to Teach a Skill:
I've never read this particular book, but I adore David Wiesner's work. Its so imaginative and interesting! I imagine using this book to review the common themes and traits of fairy tales. I'm sure it will also lend itself well to making predictions and drawing conclusions. His books usually do.

I can't wait to dive into these books and see what others will be reading. So, what's on your list? 


  1. Hi Farrah,
    David Wiesner books are so great and I hope this book doesn't disappoint you. I'm not big into the fantasy genre, but I did read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and it seemed to fit that genre. Have you read it?
    Stories by Storie

  2. Hi, Farrah!
    Thanks for linking up. I love David Wiesner's books, too. I don't have this one, so I'll have to order one. I haven't read any books in your fantasy series, but will have to check it out. Only one of my kids could tell me what a noun was today, too, so I guess I really need your first book!
    Mary at Pitner's Potpourri



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