Saturday, September 8, 2012

ToonDoo in the Classroom

ToonDoo is an easy, engaging, FREE tool that you can use in your classroom. Super easy to use, my students just logged in and followed the on-screen directions to create their Toon. I made this set of instructions and uploaded it to VistaPrint, but I forgot to use them. Even so, my students caught on very quickly, which is a huge plus when using a web 2.0 tool!
Feel free to use this. I uploaded to VistaPrint and
put the image on Oversized Postcards.
I used ToonDoo this week as an extension for the story we were reading about Jim Thorpe. My class has a group on Edmodo, so I posted the link and the log in information for them there. They were to create a cartoon about sports. Here's an example:


My students loved this tool! They even worked on it at home! Of course, we'll have to go over expectations for correct grammar and mechanics for online projects. (Don't worry, that's coming up this week!) But for last week (3rd week of school) I just really wanted to get them excited about some of the tools we'd be using and make connections from our literature.

**Important Note**
I made one account and all of my students logged in at once, but you might want to make more because I noticed the process slows down or stops when more than about 10 are using at the same time.

How about you? Have you ever used ToonDoo or something like it? I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. So cool! My girls use Comic Life at home, and love it!!

    How is Edmodo working for you? I've used it as a parent communication tool, but this is my first year using it with students. What other things do you do with students on it?

    I blogged about it last week. I would love to share ideas!


  2. Hi Heather, thanks for suggesting Comic Life. I'll definitely check it out. This is only my 2nd year using Edmodo, but my class LOVES it. I created a group for them and I post assignments in it each week. They go along with our reading story and are tech-related. I post instructions, links, and quick videos I've made that they watch so they'll know how to use the tools.
    I've not used it for parent contact, but I'm going to read your post after church today. Maybe our classes could collaborate in some way on Edmodo?



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