Friday, February 10, 2012

Tech Tools: Weebly

Ten-year-olds designing a website? You bet! With a free account from Weebly and about 45 minutes, even a novice can create a website. It is very easy to use, offers many flexible templates, and allows users to upload or link content with a few clicks of the mouse.

My students literally put this website together in less than an hour today! Here's how:

Go to Weebly and create a free account. Log in and choose a name for your site.

Click on your site's name to edit.

Use the tabs on top to change your site's design, add pages, and choose elements to add such as text or pictures:
Drag and drop page elements onto your page. You can edit them right on the page!

Create and change to your heart's content, then click Publish. You're done!

I introduced this tech tool to my students as a way for students to build background for a story we're reading next week. I set up the account, then assigned groups of students to work on each page within the site. Not only did they learn a lot about Ancient Egypt, but they were able to create content and learn in the way that suits many of their learning styles. Win-Win!


  1. Love this idea. I need some clarification please. You said you set up the account, so did you use a school email or a personal one? Can the groups work on the different pages of the site at the same time? Or were some groups researching while one group edited the site? Do you have access to YouTube at school?

    I have lots of ideas spinning around inside my head as to how I could incorporate this into my classroom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! I used my school email to set up the account, but you could use any email. Once I set up the account, I gave the students the username (my email that they all know) and the password. They all logged in at once, which was very handy. Yes, all of my groups were able to work on the different pages of the site at one time on six different computers. I assigned each group of students a different page, so they worked independently from the other groups. Each group opened several browsing tabs so that they could research and add to their pages quickly. I assigned a time limit, and when each group was close to being finished (none are completely finished), we published the site from one computer.

    Fortunately, we do have access to YouTube at school and I allow my class to access it under strict supervision.

    How do you plan to use Weebly? I would love to hear (borrow) your ideas!

  3. Thank you for your quick response to my questions. I could see us using this in social studies to make page about each regions of the United States we study. I could see the kids creating a math website about the strands of math on each page and adding great links and posts about each one.

    I will definitely like to use this idea next year when we do our Mardi Gras project. The students could create a website to share with the classes we Skype with as we teach them about Mardi Gras.

  4. We have some elementary teachers using Weebly for e-portfolios. When you sign in at teachers are able to create student accounts for free. You then have some oversight of their accounts. We've also had elementary teachers use Weebly for inventory projects with teachers giving a list of topics for each page. The kids really enjoyed the project.



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