Thursday, October 6, 2011

She Used It!

Yesterday I was reminded yet again of one the many reasons why teaching is so rewarding. A week or so ago I taught a lesson in whole group as well as small group involving the "I Remember..." strategy. I think I learned of it first in Make it Real! by Linda Hoyt. Basically, you read a little, then stop and think about what you remember and jot that down. I modeled, guided, directed, questioned, and of course, hung up the anchor chart from our whole group lesson. "If you have trouble remembering the entire story when you read a chapter book or a nonfiction text, this is the strategy for you..." I explained.

Sometimes I wonder how much of what I say actually sticks inside those precious little minds. I found out yesterday.

As I stopped by a child's desk for a reading conference, I noticed her reading notebook open, as well as her chapter book---she was using the strategy! All by herself, without any prompting! Did I mention that this is one of those children who really needed the strategy? Needless to say, I was pleased, proud, and impressed.

I love those moments.

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