Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From a Newbie's Perspective

Every time I change schools I am amazed anew at the vast differences that each school climate has. The differences in schools' "personalities" never cease to amaze me! Perhaps my inner Sociologist takes over sometimes, because I find it fascinating to analyze the inner workings of social groups: What's acceptable? Unacceptable? Expected? Respected? Understood?

Here's what I've been pleasantly surprised to find at my current (and hopefully, LAST) school:

When the Principal talks, people listen: no biting "under the breath" comments, no sarcastic side remarks, no eye rolls or "Well, ____ just doesn't remember what it's like."

Teachers pay attention and are actively engaged in faculty meetings and trainings.

The faculty as a whole is unified: LOTS of vertical planning . Lower grades teachers even ask of upper grades teachers, "What can we do to better prepare our students for _______ when they come to you?"

Teachers aren't threatened by one another (at least not that I've seen). None of us know it all yet. None of us have "arrived." Teachers are eager to share and learn from one another.

This list could go on and on...So, what seems to be the personality of my new faculty? RESPECTFUL and DEDICATED.

Respect for authority, respect for the teaching/learning process, respect of parents, students, and the community, respect for the profession, and respect for individual faculty members, Dedicated to doing whatever it takes for however long to reach our students. How blessed I am to be a part of it!

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