Thursday, February 3, 2011

Above the Line

My principal has started an attitude initiative in our school based on Top 20 Teens, which I think is a fabulous idea! It amazes me that so much of what he has spoken to us about goes right along with the Responsive Classroom approach that I'm currently studying and trying to implement. He has already met with the teachers, explaining the initiative and letting us in on some of the lessons and shared vocabulary.

His first installment with the students was a talk the other day during PE about how important attitude is, and how there is a line between behaviors that the people in the top 20% do verses the people in the bottom 80%. He discussed with them that people who have attitudes that are in the top 20 are more successful because they are positive and they work hard at doing their best.

I LOVE this initiative because now my students and I have a shared language for speaking about attitude and positive behavior! Throughout the day we can discuss if something was above or below the line. Students are starting to see where some of their behaviors and thoughts fall within the 80/20 example. They're even starting to discuss how to bring attitudes and behavior into the top 20. This has been (and I believe will continue to be) a very positive experience for me and my students.

And I must say that my principal did a very "Above the Line" thing by getting this ball rolling. I can't wait for future installments!

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