Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Enough of Me to Go Around

Today I was blessed to welcome my 26th student into my room. I'm not being sarcastic. I really do love each one and know I would miss them dearly if they weren't part of my class. But with this many blessings, comes worry...how can I possibly meet all their needs? There is ONE of me and 26 of them.

How can I possibly deliver instruction suitable for each one? Within my time restraints and curriculum demands (and let's not forget the demands of NCLB), it is impossible difficult to give each student the time and instruction they need in the way that they need it.

I see three hands raised asking for help while I crouch beside the desk of the first child I could get to. As I make my way to the other three students one by one, still more need help. My frustration is not that I can't keep up--its that they are having to wait so long for the help they need! Sure, we do peer helpers and all that, and students know how to help themselves, but usually the hands go up AFTER those things have already been tried.

I just worry that there's not enough ME to go around. All I can do is try each day to meet the needs in front of me and hope and pray that my best is enough.


  1. Lordy, we just had meeting discussing 36 students per class...

    At least you have them seeking help, it can be frustrating getting mine to even ask or admit they don't know. My colleagues have been telling me a) there's never enough time in the day, but b) there's always another day. I know that really doesn't make it easier.

  2. Wow, you almost have twice as many students as me! My state has a class size amendment that mandates that we are not allowed to have more than 18 students per class in primary grades, 22 students per class for intermediate grades (4th - 8th) and 25 students per class for core high school classes. I started the year with 21 students and have had several move away and not many come in. After losing yet another student just yesterday I am down to 15 students. While I love having such a small class I am so worried that after Spring Break we will get an influx of students one week before our state standardized assessments and they will all be put in my classroom. 50% of my evaluation is based on how my students do on our state test so I am really worried about getting new students.

  3. All I can say is Wow! to both comments. Joel, I can't imagine so many in one class. Especially since the group I have now has always been in classes of 13-14 since Kindergarten. It's been a big adjustment for them.

    My state also has a cap, but since I'm in a small school and our state's education budget is in proration, things aren't likely to change. The upside is that any of my students who come in after a certain date (September ??) aren't counted on our standardized test scores for our school (or my class). Like you, I would be very nervous if I was held accountable for the scores of a student I've not taught all year long.



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