Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Cool Thanks to Google

So during today's tech session with my 4th graders, I find out that I'm cool...well, technically they said that Google Docs was cool, but since I'm the one that introduced them to Google Docs, I'm thinking that I'm cool by proxy. 

This was such a simple project, but the kiddos just raved about it! First I created a FREE account for our class on Google. Then I showed the kiddos how to log in and create a Google Doc. All they had to do was rename their document to their name (so we could tell whose was whose), then create a 3x2 table. One column of the table was for Amphibians, one column for Reptiles, and one for Both. Finally, they had to research reptiles and amphibians and add facts to their charts.

And don't you love it when you show them a plain, boring, black and white example, and they go all out to personalize their text by changing colors, backgrounds, and fonts? I love it!

These aren't finished, but here are a few that they started today.  

I never thought that they would enjoy this as much as they did. You just never know what will appeal to different groups.

The rest of the plan is to teach them how to create a link in their blog posts to their docs...Can't wait to see how that goes.


  1. I've been meaning to look into doing this, mind a few questions?
    Where did you set up the class account? Do they all need emails?
    How about your class blog -- I just started with but haven't set up student blogs yet.
    Love what you do -- you're Inspiring!

  2. Hi Joel,
    Thanks so much for the kind words! I went to Google and set up a gmail account (just one). I set the email as and made the password something that they all could remember. Everyone has been able to log in at the same time without any glitches or difficulties. As for our blogs, I use KidBlog. I set up each student a student account there and they log in and create their own posts. Its very easy to use and I have complete control to edit or delete anything before it is posted. They're really still novice bloggers, but if you want to see a few here is the link:

  3. Thanks so much, I just set up our class gmail so I can start them on a blog (I went with edublogs since that's what I have been playing with last few days) and get them sharing google docs -- 2 lessons with 1 stone -- Thank you!
    And your student blogs look great, we'll see what mine come up with. (wildcats2012)

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