Monday, November 14, 2011

Reverse: Not just a direction...

I'll bet you think you know the meaning of reverse. So did I. That is until a student raced up to me the Monday after the Alabama-LSU game.

"Mrs. Kilgo! Alabama's gonna reverse LSU!"
 "What?" I replied while trying to picture what he was talking about...In my mind reverse is the gear you put your car into to back up.
"Alabama's gonna reverse LSU!"

It soon became obvious to said child that his teacher hadn't a clue as to what he was trying to say..."Alabama might get to play against LSU again!"
"Ooooohhhhhhh......Re-Verse. Got it."

Even being the grammar cop that I am, I couldn't  bring myself to correct the little darling. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Laugh With Your Kids

 Today while working on a handwriting page, students had to finish these sentences: I like: _____. I do not like: _____. The entire page had been about food, specifically vegtables. Most children wrote things like, "I like broccoli. I do not like brussel sprouts."

One child's reponse:
I like pigs in a blanket. I do not like pigs.

Love it!

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