Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blessed to Have Back-Up

Today I was reminded yet again of how truly blessed I am to be working in such a great community. I had to have a strong "talking to" with three of my students who refused to stay on task during independent work. I was really disappointed in them, and took them out in the hall to speak with them. They each had notes sent home today to be signed and returned tomorrow. Here's where it gets good...

I've already heard from two of the parents--one happened to walk up during the "talk" and had a talk of her own with said child. The other parent emailed right after school to get the "real" story because she felt like her child didn't give her all the information--then THANKED me for filling her in.

I am so blessed to be working in a community that still believes in teachers. They know I'm not perfect, but thank goodness they will back me up. It is very nice to have the feeling that we are working together as a team. These parents not only care about their students' educations, but their behavior in and out of school as well.

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