Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Teacher That Cares

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Last Friday I got a shock as I drove upon a wreck on my way to lunch with a coworker. As I got close enough to see the vehicle and the person standing there, I saw that it was my 16 year old son! Praise God, he wasn't hurt in any way, even though he flipped his vehicle. I held it together, grateful to God that he was okay.

Of course, my family and friends were concerned and have come by, texted/facebooked, or called to check on us, but today I got a heart warming surprise---from Kyle's band director! He called my cell, not once, but twice just to check on Kyle. I've always known that he cared about the students. (Anyone who does the job as well as this man has GOT to love it!) But the fact that he took the time to place a call and check on my son  meant a lot to me. It really reminded me of how much he cares, and made me think about how we, as teachers, should take that small amount of time to let our parents know that we really do love and care about their children.

One of my prayers this school year is that my parents and students will know how much I love them and care about them. I hope that I will find ways to show them, just as Kyle's band director did today. What a fine example that I hope to emulate this year. As I write this, I keep hearing that old adage in my head:

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


  1. Holy macaroni! You must have been so worried! Things like that put the fear into the hearts of moms. I'm glad that your kiddo is ok.

    Peacocks and penguins

  2. Such a great reminder to focus on showing our students & their parents that we care about them. I'm glad your son is okay!



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