Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Songify-Way Too Cool!

If you haven't gotten the free Songify app yet (iPod, iPad, iPhone), you should go right now and download it! A friend of mine, Julie D. Ramsay, shared it at EdCamp Birmingham this past weekend and I could hardly wait to try it with my 4th graders. Basically, you record yourself talking and Songify takes your words and mixes them with music and turns it into a song. It even auto tunes the voice, so it sounds really interesting. My kids were hooked! We used it to Songify some poetry they wrote:  

A few weeks ago I posted about a poem one of my students wrote about ActivExpressions. Here's the same poem on Songify: ActivExpression, ActivExpression.


  1. That is really cool - downloading it now. Melissa Shields

  2. Thanks, Melissa! My kids have gone crazy over it!

  3. This sounds like a great app. I am going to try it today.

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