Saturday, March 10, 2012

We Get to See That

Every single day I'm reminded that I have the best job in the world. I am blessed to get to actually SEE children learning. I get to see them excited about finding out new things they never even considered. I get to hear them conversing and sharing about things they're interested in. I get to be a part of their excitement and discovery! 

"Mrs. Kilgo, did you know that a cuckoo bird 
lays its eggs in other birds' nests, then the bird hatches and 
knocks the other birds' eggs out of the nest?" 

"Do you know this bird called a killdeer pretends
 it has a broken wing to distract predators from its young?" 

"Mrs. Kilgo, do you think someone could fit 50 of those
 cupcake flags in their mouth at once? One flag for each state?"

"Mrs. Kilgo, did you know there's a guy in this book who 
has THIRTY rattlesnakes hanging out of his mouth?!"
 (child says while excitedly pointing at the picture). 

"Mrs. Kilgo, look these are the largest jeans in the world!" 
(aerial photo of a very large pair of blue jeans spread
 out over what must be several acres of land). 

"This book shows how jeeps were used in World War 1!" 

"Hey, I found this book in the library about The Great
 Depression! I'm going to read more about it." 

"Look, this diagram shows every 
stage of how the Titanic sank!" 

"Did you know there was a bad solar storm
 and it may interfere with cell phone service?" 

"I saw this show on the Discovery last night about..."

Could there be anything more exciting than seeing that light in a child's eyes? That's the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile. 


  1. I smiled as I read your students' comments. If I ever get a class of my own, I'd love to assign the same homework every night - learn something and come write about it and share it tomorrow.

  2. Farrah,

    I loved reading this post! It's so great to hear students' excitement at learning something new and interesting! So glad I found your blog!

    Lessons with Laughter



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