Friday, January 20, 2012

Why We Must Find Time for Science

Boy, were my eyes opened today during a science activity. I learned (again) to not ever assume that kids know something.

As an introduction to our next chapter, Heat, we were exploring the idea that heat can be generated and make things warmer. First step, observe a paperclip (room temperature). Next step, bend the end back and forth quickly a few times and feel it. Amazed shouts and wide eyes predominated the class. Of course, several had to repeat this experiment because it was so cool. We also rubbed an eraser on a piece of paper for one minute, with the same result. Shocked exlamations arose from my 4th graders. (I was loving this).

The next part of the experiment produced a shock to me---The final activity was for students to rub their hands together for 15 seconds. Most of my kiddos were SHOCKED! They had no idea that rubbing their hands together would produce heat! Really?!

While I loved the fact that I got to see those awe-struck faces during that precious moment of learning, I was a little sad for them...

We have got to find time to teach science, and not just from a text need to do science to really get it.


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