Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Multiplication Monster

Have you seen this monster anywhere?
He is wanted for the following crimes: 
Convincing 4th graders that they don't really need to learn their multiplication facts
Making some facts difficult to remember
Creating endless activities that steal time away from facts practice

Beware! If spotted, use extreme caution. He is not a respecter of classroom teachers, parents, or students. He likes to lurk in most any home or classroom and no one is immune to his subtle tactics. Be advised that there have been spottings in other places as well: Little League fields, gymnastics practices, video games, and even near classroom windows that look out to the playground!

There is a reward for eliminating the Multiplication Monster (or submitting ideas for his elimination), if you're innovative enough to tackle the job: pride, relief, successful students, and that great "teacher" feeling you get when you know your kids are learning.

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