Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I sit here thinking about my lesson plans for the upcoming week (written and re-written thanks to 4 snow days in a row), I'm struck by the sheer amount of collaboration it takes to be the kind of educator I dream of being. Just on the aforementioned lesson plans I consulted my 4th grade coworker through texts, my student teacher through email and text, my dear friend at another school via twitter, and numerous sources on the Internet. A few of my favorite collaborators don't really even know me--people like Beth Newingham, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Bunyi, and Mrs. Renz have been inspirations on the web. And of course I can't leave out my twitter PLN. So many links and great ideas!

Because of the nature of our profession, teachers are often isolated throughout the school day, and many of us spend at least a portion of our evenings preparing for the next day. Still, it is imperative that we carve out some time to collaborate with peers. It's energizing, thoughtful, and brings out the creativity that can get pushed to the side amid the daily pressures of our jobs. So, with that said, I thought I'd list my favorite online (and off-line) collaborators:

Mrs. Whiteheadsclass (aka @whiteheadsclass) Dear friend and fellow 4th grade teacher in my district, but at a different school. Mrs. Whitehead has fabulous ideas and is always willing to share her expertise.
Proteacher Community Loads of different question boards. People are always willing to contribute ideas.
Beth Newingham 3rd grade teacher that details how she teaches reading and math. Lots of great organization and teaching ideas.
Mrs. Bunyi Class videos, explanations of daily procedures and schedules. Great ideas for teaching science, reading, and technology.
Mrs. Renz 4th grade teacher willing to share many, many ideas she uses in her classroom.
The CornerStone for Teachers (formerly I've been reading her information for YEARS. So many insightful views and ideas! 

Who would you add?

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