Friday, June 14, 2013

My AETC 2013 Smackdown

What a great conference this year at AETC! I always enjoy our state technology conference, and this year was no exception. I presented twice, attended several really great sessions, and visited with colleagues and friends from all over the state! I don't know about you, but when I've been to one of these, I need at least a day to let all of those great ideas marinate in my head, and putting pen to paper finger to keyboard is the best way for me to sort out my new learning. Hopefully, there will be some things here that you'll find interesting or useful:

First of all, if you've never heard Kevin Honeycutt (@KevinHoneycutt) speak you have really missed out! He is probably THE best keynote speaker I've ever heard. But don't worry. He has a YouTube channel. Here's a quick sample:

Now, on to my smackdown. These are a few of my favorite sites that I learned about and can't wait to use:

Tool Info
Multi-platform app which allows you to bump your devices together to share files, pictures, videos, digital business cards, etc...You can even bump from your phone to your computer by bumping the space bar.

File sharing site which will allow you to share multiple files. You upload them, they zip them for you, and give you a sharable link. 

Publish your book! This site publishes your work and allows you to sell it.

I usually use,, but this site is really cool, too, because it allows you to play a little more with your QR code's style.Not sure I'd use it in my classroom since "Pimp" is not a word I allow my little ones to use, but I would use it at home.

Ever lose a password? Not again! With 1 password, you can save all of those passwords you've accumulated and it gives you ONE password in place of them! The only con is that you have to pay for it :(

Make a video of your Twitter feed! Pretty cool little tool! Here's mine!

Word processing that allows students and teachers to work together in real time. Great for collaboration or back-channeling. 

Sort of like a QR code on steroids, Aurasma allows you to create images that link to web content. Really neat site.
Similar to Google Lit Trips, but you can actually create these pretty easily! There's also a searchable database with lots of premade maps. This one's a must see!
For the smart alec in all of us...You have got to try this site!!!! You know those "Duh" questions people ask sometimes? This is the answer. I literally laughed out loud when I tried this site. 

Have you used any of these before? Have something similar to add? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I have had the opportunity to hear him a couple of times and he is fantastic. I'm glad you had a great conference.

    room 4 imagination

  2. Hey, Farrah! I attended your session on intergrating Technology into language arts. It was awesome. In my notes I wrote down electronic binder to access everything. This does not work so I figured I just jotted it down wrong. It was not on the handout. Can you share it again? Thanks!!



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