Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kindle Fires on the Way!

I'm so excited! Yesterday morning I walked in to the office and was greeted with the news that my class will be receiving 18 Kindle Fire HDs! Since I'm fortunate to have a small class size this year, that means our classroom is now 1:1!  My mind's been going ninety to nothing since I got the news, planning how to implement them as much as possible and thinking of all the great things we can do now that each kiddo will have a tablet in his/her hands. It's also made me think of a LOT of questions:

  • What are the best educational apps (free and paid)?
  • How do you manage a class set of tablets? Are there unique issues when dealing with so many?
  • Can I purchase ebooks from Scholastic, or only from Amazon? 
  • How well do Google and Google docs work on them?
These are just a few questions I have. Please help! I'd love to hear any advice or tips you can offer. 

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