Monday, December 17, 2012

Student Gifts: Classroom Coupons

Do you have a particular gift that you like to get for your students each year? My coworkers and I have tried lots of gift ideas in the past, but the last four years we've really struck gold. We were tired of the little trinkets and toys that fall apart easily, or get left behind after the Christmas party, so I started making classroom coupon books for the children. They've been a huge hit! My kids love using them, and it's a gift that's fairly easy to put together...just print, cut, and secure with a ribbon. If you'd like a set, you can snag yours in my TN shop. I've created four different styles, including one without so much color to save those ink cartridges.

How about you? Are you allowed to have a party? Do you give gifts to your students? What do you usually give them? I'd love to hear from you and will give a free set of coupons of your choice to the first two people who comment!


  1. I absolutely love this idea! It works perfectly especially for those students who don't always earn coupons like these. Those students will get a chance to participate in something and will really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower!

    Live Learn Teach for Life

  2. Love these! We have a party and our present usually consist of a book, pencil, eraser, and some other little trinket we find.

  3. I give my students a coupon booklet. We have a Secret Santa book exchange, have a small brunch and sing-a-long. Our last day is special!

  4. Thank you all for commenting! I visited your blogs to find your emails so I could send you a free set, but can't find them. Would you email me, please?

    Thanks again!



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