Saturday, November 17, 2012

Calendar Math Routine Freebies

After participating in the Guided Math book study this summer, I set a goal for myself to implement a successful calendar math routine in my fourth grade classroom. This was something I was a little nervous about, because I've only used Saxon math's calendar routines in 3rd grade and I just wasn't too sure what to do in 4th. Well, I did it! I think I've finally struck gold! I've waited a while to post this because I wanted to make sure it actually worked for me and my students. 

I decided to include these daily/weekly routines to begin with:

  • counting large numbers
  • number line (using multiple markers based on Every Day Counts)
  • date/day calendar questions
  • daily depositor and coin counter (based on Every Day Counts)
  • decomposing numbers
  • rounding and place value
  • elapsed time
  • facts practice
My daily routine: I spend no more than 15 minutes total on this, so I don't always do every part every single day. We start with facts practice. Sometimes this is a timed drill sheet, or I use the links I put on the flipchart (file below). Then I pretty much follow the pages in my flipchart. Although we do the same activities every day, I like to keep it interesting by varying the way we do them. There are basically three formats I use on different days of the week:
  1. Whole group using the the IWB. Any student who is not at the white board writes the answers on their individual dry erase boards.  
  2. Small group: I used poster board to make 5 calendar math posters. The posters have the same things on them that we do on the IWB (file included below). I just laminated the posters, and groups of about 4 work together to compete each section. The first group to complete every part correctly wins a treat. 
  3. Individual: I created a worksheet that looks like what we do on the IWB, and students write in their answers on their sheets independently, then we check together.
Every 2-3 weeks I test the students using a sheet similar to the independent practice worksheet. I'm so glad I've implemented this! It's a lot of math in a short amount of time, and a great way to review those skills that need to stay fresh. 

Now for the files. I've created a highly interactive Promethean flipchart that can be used on your whiteboard. There are also copies of the tests, worksheets, a PowerPoint version of the lesson (though not as interactive), and black and white printables to make your own small group calendar posters. Just click the link under the picture to download the zipped file. If you decide to download, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love the quick daily "hits" and how you have all the kids actively engaged. Thank you.

  2. I love this idea - keeping those everyday math skills fresh. The place value page in particular drew in my attention. Most curriculums that I've seen or worked with, particularly in Upper Primary set aside a chapter in the beginning of the school year to review place value, but it seems so tedious and boring, despite the kids needing the review. But I LOVE that you incorporate it in the daily math, to keep them familiar with the concepts and terms, as well as practicing correct use!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Thank you for sharing your calendar ideas. I needed a test for my students and you provided it. Thanks

  5. Thanks! These look great. I'm about to start student teaching in January, and have no idea if I'll end up using a promethean board ever, but just reading about how you use the interactive board, individual white boards, and laminated graphic organizers for math has been hugely helpful in inspiring some ideas.
    Ps fyi, I linked to your site from the Clutter Free Classroom, always looking for new sites to check out from her comments. :)



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