Thursday, April 14, 2011

Swing the Other Way Already!

Before I begin, let me preface this post by saying that I LOVE reading and I truly love to teach reading. Reading is of paramount importance. I am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in the area of-----you guessed it: Literacy. I structure my day so that students have multiple opportunities to read, write, and talk about their reading. I incorporate the Daily Five and CAFE and try to teach the required basal reader to the best of my ability.

With all of that said, I am  left wondering: When is the education pendulum going to swing back the other way? More senior teachers than I say that it eventually will, but I'm starting to wonder...

Maybe it is just my state, but we are in a "teach the reading program to fidelity, don't worry about science and social studies" system. Now, again, let me stress that I AGREE that reading is extremely important. But I'm about to say something somewhat controversial:

----------------Reading is not the ONLY important subject---------------

I am a fourth grade teacher. My students need science and social studies, if for no other basic reason than they need the background for middle and high school classes. I'm getting students at the beginning of fourth grade that don't realize that they live on a CONTINENT called NORTH AMERICA! I could go on and on about the lack of background knowledge my poor students have, through no fault of their own, but I won't.

Please don't think that I am criticizing the teachers of the lower grades. They are doing exactly as they are told to do, and doing a fine job with what they are allowed to teach. (I was told that our state superintendent said to focus on reading and not worry about science or social studies.) Hmmm....Am I the only one who is worried by this? 

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  1. And....I am a literacy crazed nut case myself...former graduate reading instructor, elementary teacher, curriculum coordinator and now a principal....and I could not agree more: Reading is the foundation on which math, science and social studies is built. I agree...I agree....I agree.



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